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I have owned a house for 10 years and have purchased warranty recently. IT is suppose to cover air conditioner and other items as it costed me 1000+$ for the warranty.  Just now my AC has stopped working and I'm afraid it probably needs to be replaced. Can I make a home warranty claim or do you guys think it would probably be denied. Can they deny for simple issues like unclean filter etc?

I did AC work for 3 years so maybe I can help you...I dont know much about your warranty you purchased, you may have to read the ENTIRE contract to see what it covers. As for your AC system, walk outside and write down the model number and the serial number off of the data plate.

Once you get that done you can call the supplier of the type of AC you have ie. Carrier, Heill, York, Trane whatever unit you got call the manufacturer. Give them the model and serial number and they will tell you what parts on that system are under warranty. Sometimes you have lifetime warranties on parts and sometimes you have 10 years parts warranty.

Just call and figure out if you do or dont have a warranty first. Once you do that its a matter of getting someone who knows how to diagnose the system and fix it for you. If you have warranties on some of those parts the only thing your paying for now is the labor.

Hope this helps.

I have no love for warranty companies but I would certainly call them to find out what they'll do before paying someone else to fix what they might fix for free.

I always recommend Goodman for central systems (10 Year Warranty)

Goodman brand limited warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship that appear under normal use and maintenance.

Labor, freight, or any other costs associated with the service, repair, or operation of the unit are not covered by the limited warranty.There are labor coverage options available through Extended Service Plans.

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