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So I've been searching for a good PM company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area lately. I've had a lot of good suggestions and advice from the BP community on that front. Thanks to everyone for being so generous.

That way of being - generous, patient, and kind - seems to be a cornerstone of BP. What a breath of fresh air to find people who see that Real Estate is not a zero sum game. Helping others build wealth makes me feel great, and it just might help me find the next deal. Win - Win!

So in this spirit I thought I'd let Austin investors know about Abigail at High Fidelity Properties. She owns her own investment properties in addition to managing rentals (from 1 to 10 units). I don't own any rentals right now in Austin (I've been doing small spec home projects here), but if and when I do choose to hold some in the area, I will absolutely be going with High Fidelity. 

If you choose to contact Abigail, let her know you learned about her company on BiggerPockets!

Thanks for this. Been looking for a good PM referral in ATX.

Thanks for this. Been looking for a good PM referral in ATX.

hey Jason Brenzier, do you have contact information for Abigail? 

Thanks for the tip.

I do @Cyndy Trueblood  . I will message you directly with that contact info. 

Same goes for anyone else. Just post a request in this forum thread and I'll be happy to give you Abigail's contact info.

@Jason Brenizer 

Can I have her contact info as well? Thanks! 

@Kevin L.  

I sent you Abigail's contact info in a connection request. Let me know if that works.

Hey how about San Antonio. I'm looking for someone for the 78210 zip code especially.

I'll check on a PM for 78210, my partner has good contacts. We owner finance our houses, so we have no PMs but we do have some in our network. 

Hi Jason,

i'm interested in talking to Abigail as well, too. please contact me when you get a chance. thx!


It's so hard to find a good PM that when you find one, you just want to shout it out to the world. For those of you in Austin, Texas and the surrounding communities and have single family homes, duplexes, or small multi-family apartments, do yourself a service and give Abigail at High Fidelity Properties a call. She is also an investor, so she really understands your concerns. And she'll go out of her way to take care of you, even those dreaded evictions we are all worried about. Do a Google search or just ask me for a direct message to get her contact info.

Jason, just curious how you know shes awesome when you don't have any properties? Not saying shes not, just wondering how you came to that conclusion. Thanks.

Great question @Katie Brewer

First, for several years Abigail and I have been members of a networking group which we attend 50 weeks every year. When I was president, she was my vice president. It was her job to track visitors, referrals, closed business dollars from those referrals, and a bunch of other metrics to make sure our group was reaching our goals. Also, she headed up the membership committee which vetted and chose new members to join the group. Her attention to detail was stellar, and she was creative on top of that. Mind you, taking on a leadership position in the group was not a paid job. 

Second, she manages properties for other members of that networking group, and they have all been extremely happy with her services and support.

Third, I frequent several other investor-focused groups and masterminds, and I have referred her to many of those colleagues. I have only ever heard great things. 

I do consider Abigail a friend, but I first got to know her from a business perspective. It takes a lot for me to choose to endorse people. When I have a property in Austin, there's no question Abigail will be managing it for me.

I hope that helps.

Jason, Thanks. ill give here a call as well!

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