Washer/Dryer in Townhome Rental

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My wife and I are moving and are going to be renting our current home, it is a 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhome.

I was looking to get suggestions from some more experience landlords on whether or not to leave our washer/dryer for our tennants.

The home we have recently purchased does not have a washer/dryer so we would need to purchase a new one if we left our current ones in our rental (they are only about 2.5 years old).


Really depends on what is normally included for a rental in your area. If a washer/dryer is typical in that type of rental, leave them behind.

I would leave them behind, it is easier to rent with them on site.  Look at your area and see what appliances are included normally.  Consider if there is  usually a washer dryer in units in your complex.   Consider if you want people moving a W/D in/ out of your  unit if you have turnover. What does it rent for, higher rent tends to be more likely to have this included. If they were older I would recommend leaving but not including them as provided and specifying that if they broke you will not replace. With newer appliances I would call them included and fix them if broken. In the end it depends on the customs in your area I think.

Like they stated look at what your surrounding competition is doing. If you do decide to include a washer and dryer and you like the ones you have just take them with you and go get some cheap basic ones from craigslist. Like Colleen said, I have it in the lease that I do not repair or replace if they break and they cannot be removed without my permission.

@Luke Andrew  - washer and dryer are not included. Show it with yours in place and offer to rent a washer and dryer to them for $30 per month for the set. Buy a used set off Craig's list for $200. Some will go buy their own which is no problem but some will rent and after about 7 months the set is paid for and the rest is gravy.

When I started out, this meant the difference between paying the mortgage and not. I didn't have BP then so didn't know about the 2% rule or the 50% rule or even the 1% rule.

I provide them in my rentals.  All of my sets have come off craigslist.  Occasionally the dryer needs a new belt in a year or two, but that has been about it.  Helps to get them rented easier.  

I agree with everyone else. If your market generally includes them then so would I. I would keep mine though and just add a cheaper set  you find on CL.

When I moved out of my house and made it a rental, I did the opposite. Brought the existing 4 year old appliances with me and bought new (albeit somewhat cheaper) ones forthe rental. I'd rather have the repair guy at my house than get called by my tenants.

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