Should I accept this tenant

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Hi all,

I have a potential tenant who had credit issues years ago.  I normally charge two months deposit for tenants with bad credits, but they told me they can't fork up so much money at this time.  Should I accept them with just one month's deposit?  Is there any other thing I can do to help prevent future problems?  The house is in an A-/B area.

Thanks a lot!

you sound like me not too long ago....... i so wish I would of held out for renters with better credit..... late every (EVERY) month atleast a week or two..... have to constantly call to get rent..... willing to bet that the one month deposit i made them give up front will ( in their head) be the rent i dont get before they move out.

Thanks a lot for your comments!  I will pass on this tenant.

Bad credit does not mean they want to pay their rent.

Joe Gore

I place all my tenants on a month to month lease regardless of how great their credit is and it has worked well for me with zero evictions for 9 years now.

It would probably be better to stick to your rule since it seems to be working for you. 

Best of luck! 

@Kenneth Davis

You are a very educated landlord and if ever a landlord saw it like you do they would be better off.

Joe Gore

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