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I have read the blogs, heard some of the podcasts, and miscellaneous forum posts.  In addition to using craigslist or postlets, what other marketing techniques or tips are other people currently using to attract tenants to properties?

Thanks for any inputs 

One of the cheapest but effective method is a FOR RENT sign at the property. Some people still use classified ads. I've even seen pay per click ads being used in my market.

Word of mouth is another big one. If you're a good landlord, your other tenants will want their friends or family to use your properties too. So you can use flyers and hand them out to tenants with info on available properties.

@Curtis N.  

I put the sign you recommended in the window of the unit.  I honestly have to say I am a little shocked at how much traffic that $3 sign has generated.


I have had some crazy ideas about marketing lately. I guess its one of the benefits of being new, im not jaded by what probably wont work. I was thinking about the cost of putting a vinyl ad on an old school car. Everytime I see 2 or 3 muscle or old school cars I stop and stare at them until they are out of sight, my son does it too, as does just about everyone else since they are great to look at and usually pretty loud compared to the hybrids you are used to seeing in Cali. Another idea i heard, I think it was on the HouseFlippingHQ podcast. One guy bought a bunch of bumper stickers and paid people 50 bucks or so to put them on his car and drive around. Hope my slighly ootb ideas help someone.

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 Perhaps you are not aware that blatant advertising is not allowed in the general forums.  You must pay for a Pro or Plus account and only post ads in the Marketplace section.

I helped a client keep her properties rented by creating a rental website that shows up high in search engines. Do you have enough properties to justify this? It takes a little time but it's worth it.

Let me start with this: Curtis N. is 100% right. 

I currently manage the marketing efforts of over 1,500 single-family properties and despite our digital adverting and online efforts - our FOR RENT signs generate a large portion of our traffic. Second to that our goal ALWAYS is for resident referrals to contribute to our leads - this is of course a bigger issue concerning resident retention and the monetary rewards you are willing to pay for referrals (if any at all).

For MACK Companies (our rentMACK division) leads are generated primarily by:

1. ADs (paid online and syndicated advertising)

2. FOR RENT signs (placed in the home the moment construction beings so we can pre-lease the home)

3. Craigslist (it's still a very active player in the rental market - and if you can afford to you should partner with advertisers that build CL codes for you) 

4. MLS: we list all of our rentals as such on the realtor MLS database and pay competitive commission to realtors that bring us renters (1/2 months rent)

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