How to fix the house when Renters are living in the house?

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I found one property and this single family house is rented under section 8. We were under contract and did inspection on Saturday. Since it is low price house, need some repair. In report, they found the water dripping noise and some rotten wood between bathroom and kitchen wall. So, my question is how can I fix this when renters are living in the house. I think, I have to redo the entire wall of bathroom to fix this problem. Can I ask tenant to empty the house for a week or so? I am thinking to redo the entire full bathroom and this house is with 1.5 bath, so they will be without the shower.

@Padma Mody  

 You will likely have to compensate them for the hotel and maybe some meals.

I did a renovation on a tenant's place when they were living in it. In this case it was similar situation; we needed to tear out the old shower surround and replace it with ceramic tile.  It took a couple days, but we got it done. The tenants didn't have to move out; they just had to be a little inconvenienced.

I think the best approach is just to let the tenants know what is going on, and you would like to fix this so that it won't be a problem and you will be upgrading the bathroom.  If the tenants think they will get something nice out of the deal you might not have to do as much as you think to accommodate. 

 I had a bath tub where the only thing holding it out of the crawl space was literally  the cast iron drain pipe.   I had a fully furnished apartment over my office that I was able to let the tenant stay in for the weekend, and we had the entire bathroom (new sub floor, new 2 piece fiberglass tub/shower unit, vanity, toilet and ceramic tile all installed in one weekend. She was so happy with her bathroom she didn't need any other compensation...  

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