My Appartment Flooded this Moning need Help

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My apartment flooded this mooring or rather last night. i know there is a difference between renters insurance and flood insurance, but anyone have any advice for how i should handle this situation?

I assume you mean from a broken pipe, not rising rain water?  Are you the owner or renter?  Hopefully the owner has insurance that covers this, for the structure.  Step one is get it dried out.

it is from Rain Water. I am in Atlanta and it was storming hear last night. And well it needs more than just needing to be dried out. The water came in under the door and flooded the entire place less then 1 inch throughout the Apartment. 

@Wayne Brooks  question is key.  What was the source of the water?  If it was from a broken pipe or a rain water coming in a hole in the roof, your renters insurance should cover you.   Get out the policy and read it.  Call your agent.

If the water hit the ground and came into your apartment then ONLY flood insurance will cover it.

How much water are you talking about? If its a lot, rent a pump and get it pumped out. Use a shop vac to get the rest of the water after its below what the pump can pick up. Get a dehumidifier in there as soon as there's a place to put it out of the water. If flooring is soaked, it will probably need to come out. If you're talking a lot of water, the sheetrock needs to be removed to above the water level and the studs cleaned and dried. The CDC and FEMA both have information about how to clean up after flooding.

You have my sympathy.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the "great floods of 2013" when I came home to four feet of water in the basement from a freak storm.

Okay, then it's strictly whether you had flood insurance or not.  With just one inch, you may or may not have have Sheetrock/I sulfate on issues, but drying it out ASAP is the key.

We posted at the same time and I didn't see your reply @Paul Clark.  Rain = flood insurance ONLY.  If you have carpets they must come out, along with the pad.  That would be your landlord's responsibility, though you will have to deal with your stuff.  Use a shop vac on the remaining water.  And get a dehumidifier in there ASAP.

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