items that do not belong in a disposer?

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anyone has a list?

I need to tape this list on the kitchen wall.

I have a tenant that thinks garbage disposer is for small garbage and the trash can is for big garbage.

I am tired of having to clear clogs where the kitchen drain trap arm meets the stack.  She puts avocados, pudding, half eaten bagels down there.  I an going to remove the disposer next time.

@Sam Leon  

Those things seem fine for a disposal, but probably not avocado skins. I do things like that in mine all the time and no problem. Maybe the disposal is not working properly or she is not using any water. Anyway, here is a list of do's and don'ts for using a garbage disposal.

On a side note...we purchased a duplex with a septic. The rehabber had garbage disposals installed. The tenants had been using them for a year before we found out that you can't have disposals with a septic system. The food waste ruins them. We had to have them taken out.

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I would never want a garbage disposal in a rental unit. Huge hassle and liability. 

Also, I have been guilty of jamming them myself in past rental units, because it is just so darn fun to see what they can handle!! So none in my rentals ever. I'd have them removed if I bought a unit that has one. 

I've noticed that disposals have their own personalities.

I had one that refused all spaghetti.  Sharpened the blades, made sure the rotors turned adequately, but anything more than a fork full of spaghetti meant a total blockage.  

My mother had one that would accept and grind up shrimp shells with no problem, but would barf all over any fruit peels.  Although potato peels were just fine.

I had another one that wanted a fork sacrifice every so often in order to work and would back up on any meat.  However, it would handle spaghetti and fruit peels just fine.

Haven't decided if disposals are possessed or just channel the personalities of teenagers.


I have had my own wife put plantain banana peels in the one at our house. You can weave a car tow strap out of that stuff. It was like trying to shred bicycle inner tubes.

This from a women who comes from a place where they are afraid to put toilet paper in the toilet (Colombia).

But I digress ...

If you've already explained what to do, she won't care about a sign.  I say get rid of the tenant asap, and keep the disposal :-)

This tenant will clog your drains whether there is a disposal or not.

And don't get me started about "flushable wipes" which are definitely a conspiracy started by plumbers.

I don't know why anyone would throw something in the disposal that they can just as easily toss in the kitchen trash. When I installed one for the 1st time I was startled my wife insisted on throwing just about everything in there from food prep. I can't imagine it's cheaper to pull all this crap out of the water at treatment than just to landfill it to begin with. (we don't have anyplace for composting)

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Another vote for taking the disposal out of this rental. Some drains are not pitched properly and can't take the solids, even if the disposal is being used correctly. We got rid of the disposal at our older house. The newer house has better drains so the disposal is still installed there.  

Read this and then set up a compost bin. Disposals are not green at all.