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I have a 2-bedroom unit in a 2-Flat where three adults are residing.  There is a mother 50, her son 18, her nephew 32 years old.  The rent is paid by mother and nephew half and half.  My question is that if I should have son 18 on the lease alos although he is not responsible for the rent and does not pay any rent.  Would this matter if I ever need to evict in future?

My policy is any and all adults must be screened and on the lease, they are each fully responsible for the total lease, how they split it up is entirely up to them. Minor occupants must also be listed on the lease as occupants only.

Agreed! Put the son on the lease. It's important to have everyone on the lease as responsible or just occupants (minors), to CYA if things come up. 

You could come back 6 months later and additional people had moved in. Having the list of every occupant you originally agreed to, will make things easier.

I agree with the others. The biggest problem you might have is if everyone moves out and only the son stays. Now you have a squatter in your place and no info on him.

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