Property Managers Raleigh NC

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Hello everyone,

I trying to get some recommendations to form a list of property managers to contact for my SFH rental property in the Raleigh

I've been using Wilson Property for several years and very happy with their service.

I use Red Door for a couple of properties that I have in Durham.  Overall, I'm pleased with them.  When I was placing the second property (earlier this year), I interviewed a company based out of Cary (I think), but I can't remember their name.  I wanted to compare the service provided by the two, but I stuck with Red Door because their pricing was more favorable (a one-time property placement fee versus a fee for each new lease agreement).  They've kept my first property filled with no vacancy.

@Tony Gunter  

What does your property rent for monthly? My company has a property management division that will either place your tenant or manage the whole entire operation. For tenant placement, they charge one month's rent. For property management I believe it's 75% of a month's rent up front and then 8% per month from there on. However, they won't take on properties that don't rent for at least $950 per month. 

@Tony Gunter - I personally manage most of my properties, but for a rental over by NC State I have used Wilson Property Management. I used them for almost three years.

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