What are the typical fees for a Property Manager in the Norfolk, VA area

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I am possibly in the market for a property manager in the Suffolk, VA area. I have received a couple of quotes and they vary in price as far as monthly fees, maitenence cost, marketing etc. I have visited sites, and I have spoken with a couple of managers and each one's price and initial fees are remarkably different than the other. Could any property onwers/managers give me any advice on the normal fees for a property manager. Thanks

I started my company because I had the very same problem as you did.  No one was consistent and could give me straight forward answers.  I know you are looking at the monthly fee as being more, but what you need to consider is how much you are loosing while your property is vacant.  Then if you look at your annual costs you will see that maybe that is worth paying a little more for monthly fees, as long as there are no extra hidden costs.  

You are more than welcome to sit down and speak with me if you would like.  My office is opened between 9am-4pm monday through friday.  

@Lisa Doud
I wish I could but I have moved out of state and I am trying to find a consistent person so I can give my family members a break. This is a not a profit maker but I cant afford to lose too much in the process because I am not making a profit. Thanks for your input

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