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Hello. Can anyone recommend a Property Management company in the Dallas, TX area. Thanks!

Ok, so I haven't found a property management company yet. I reached out to The V.A.R Group and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. They use the standard Residential Leasing and Property Management Agreement and I don't like it. It really seems to favor the company a lot (more than normal I think). Maybe I am being too cautious.

I was thinking about managing the property myself but I don't know if I will have the time to do it and make sure I follow all the rules. Thanks!

Hello. I just wanted to update my experience with The V.A.R Group. This is a terrible property management company and I wouldn’t use them. I signed a contract with The VAR group and it took them a week just to acknowledge it. I had to reach out to them to see where we were in the process. They seemed very unorganized and unprofessional.

They came out about two weeks later and gave me a quote that seemed inflated and when I didn’t agree to get the work done by their company, they terminated the agreement (which I was fine with). When I tried to go pick up my keys and garage door opener, they refused to give them to me. I am shocked how unprofessional this company is.

I am still looking for a property management company in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing @Charlotte. I have dealt with Cox Realty in the Dallas area and although they are not awesome they seem to be slightly better than the VAR group.  I only happened to use them since they were already managing a property i acquired this summer. I am still looking though if I can find a better company for my next property. You can PM me for more details and if you are still looking. 

We self-manage, but a number of our investor friends use OneProp.

@Charlotte H.  I have an amazing property manager that literally does it all. They don't charge as much as these other companies either. Shoot me a text or email and I would be more than happy to give you their contact information!

@Schyler Witt  I'd love to get your property manager contact as well.  I'm in the same boat as Charlotte. 

@Charlotte H. Which company did you end up going with? Would love to hear about your experience and get some advice since I'm also looking for a Dallas property manager. 

@Andy W.  Have your friends all had good experiences with Oneprop? Is Oneprop a company they would highly recommend? Thanks!

Hello @Teena Lee . Were you able to locate a property manager here in the Dallas Area? If not I would like to recommend my firm Healy Property Management. If you would like more information let me know.

We currently manage many units for our clients and our department is growing!

Derrick L. Houston
Rogers Healy and Associates

I use OneProp and have good experiences with them.

Hi guys, old thread, but I also need recommendations of a residential property manager in the Keller / Mid Cities area of DFW. 

I will contact oneprop, but any other recommendations? 


Hi guys, I also need recommendations for a residential property manager in DFW. 
Any other recommendations other than OneProp?

I recently purchased in the Saginaw area and have had a great experience with the Westrom Group. The house I purchased required a good deal of renovation to be rental ready; Jon, Tina and their team handled the whole thing for me since I am an out of state investor. The house got rented out shortly after renovations were completed without me having to fly out there. I've been very happy with them so far. Jon has a lot of experience in the Ft. Worth area and it shows after talking with him for a couple minutes. 

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