Tenants child just turned 18. What do you do?

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Do you now add said child to the lease? If so, do you require a screening (criminal, credit, etc.)? If so, what if you find negatives (ex: criminal convictions you would normally decline an applicant)?

How long have you had the tenants? If they've been there for awhile you probably knew this was coming and you probably already have some experience with the child. The child should already be listed on your lease as an occupant, I wouldn't go any further than that unless you've had or suspect trouble.

If someone ages out I leave it alone.  They will either move out on their own or stay.  Unless they become a problem why push it?  Nothing good will come of it.  Will the parents appreciate you making their child an equal on the lease and have him responsible for rent as well?  Will you evict them if they refuse?  Parents usually try to keep some control over 18 year olds living with them, like being home before 1 am or no parties while they are gone etc.  If child is on the lease that can limit their leverage,  ie." as long as you live in my house you follow these rules, uh dad I am on the lease it's my house too".  See the problem?  Now if they move in their girlfriend who has 3 kids it may be a different matter.

I think if someone just turns 18, anything they did when they were 17 would be sealed because that person was a minor.

And the CRAs will not be able to generate a credit file, so a credit report will be a waste of time and money.

I don't do anything in that scenario.  Afterall, I don't care about the 18yr old's credit because I wouldn't have used a minor's income or debts to qualify the adult applicant(s) in the first place when they initially applied.  And you likely cannot even run a credit report unless you have express authorization from that person to do so. 

Plus, you likely would not have the legal standing to force the 18 year old to sign the lease and/or evict the other tenant(s) if you suddently found something that "might" have disqualified them at the time of their application.  Afterall, you knowingly allowed this person to live there as a minor, so the fact that they turned 18 doesn't all of a sudden give you grounds to run checks and evict based off what you find. 

So I'd just leave it alone.  Especially if they've been good tenants up until that point and you haven't had any issues from the minor child who's now turning 18.

Thanks. My thoughts too. The complex I was renting from awhile back wanted me to add my child once he turned 18 and I thought it was foolish.

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