Critic My Posting For Rent :

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What do you like ?

What don't you like ?

What suggestions do you have to attract more potential renters ?

Let's try the link agsin ;)

1. No bathroom pictures? Or is it CL's picture limitation in place?

2. I'd upload 1080p (HD) pictures to Imageshack, create an album, and put the link of the album on CL.

Looks good and spells everything out and limits questions that people will ask which is great for craiglist ads. I would change the title to Stunning 4br / 3ba  available oct 1

@Bob R.  

You need to complete your profile so people can have a reason to network with you :)

Was not aware my profile was not complete.  Are you not able to send me a message?

Ok  Westin i see what you are saying about the profile thanks

How about something for schools or shopping. Its a nice house for a large family.


Relatively complete listing. I would recommend changing the pictures all together as they are quite blurry, which makes it difficult to appreciate the space. 

In addition, it would be good to add how flexible the move-in date is in order to avoid the common question of moving in early/later. 

Good Luck!

If you've got a Go Pro or a device that can at least record in 720p, I would suggest making a video and uploading to Youtube and linking it to your advertisements. IMO, nothing sells like a video.

When my rent house has completed its renovations, I'll be doing the same thing.

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