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Maybe everyone already knows this, but I've discovered you can get really good deals at Aaron's or Rent-a-Center. When they repossess an appliance it's under 2 years old and they sell it for dirt cheap cash. I just got a 2 y/o electric flat top white range for $150. Keep this in mind for fridges, stoves, washers and dryers. Interestingly on fridges, my salesman said people give those up a lot in the winter here. Maybe they cool their food in the snow?
Anyway just thought I'd share :-)

I have also bought some from the rental companies, after my tenants left and did not return the rental appliances. 

Great tip, we have plenty of those places to check with.  We've been using a used appliance store, but not as cheap.  Thanks for sharing!

Excellent tip but just make sure you bomb those bad boys cause with them going from house to house (typically in lower end areas), in the delivery truck and warehouse with other rented stuff, you never know what type of bugs they have in them. Anytime I get a new tenant and I'm going over the lease with them I make sure to explain to them that if they get/rent anything from any place like that to make sure you double check them for bugs cause they get up in there.

In Denver, my father bought lots of appliances for his properties from the Sears Scratch and Dent Warehouse.  This place mainly sells out of box returns and last one items or damaged items.  Sears also opened Sears Outlet stores in various markets. Supposedly 30-60% off of appliances.  I have not shopped there but their website www.searsoutlet.com looks interesting. 

Thanks for the heads up on RAC and the like.  


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