South Florida Section 8?

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Well every once in a while you come pass a golden nugget and it seems that BiggerPockets has turned out to be mine! I'm new to the site as well as new to the idea of Real Estate as a means of living. I've always been intrigued by real estate and as I'm sure happened with many of you, watching hgtv as almost an addiction and seeing all the shows that deal with flipping, income properties, house buying etc it became clear to me that some way some how I will find my way into the world of real estate investing. Well I don't want to waste a terrible amount of your time but had a question and was hoping I could get some answers on peoples experiences with section 8 home renting. I've heard good in the past but I've also heard horror stories as well. Is it something that a newcomer such as myself should stear clear from or is it not as horrific as some describe? I guess being as young as I am 26 with not exactly an exorbitant amount of money I see that the natural beginning for me would have to be in lower income neighberhoods. I appreciate all your time and am very excited to hear from everyone. Thank you.


I have worked with many Section 8 Tenants and had no problems.  I have sold many properties with section 8 tenants.  Many investors love the guaranteed money.  I do too.

Good Luck!!

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