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On average, how many hours per week does a property manager work, if say he manages 1-2 properties in one area? 



This can vary greatly, but if I had to put it into an average hourly estimate, I would say 1/2 hour per property, per week.  Most weeks and months, it's virtually nothing, but it is time consuming when issues arise, and tenants turn over.

@Dawn Brenengen   is right not much to do some times. I would think it also depends on how often the manager drives by the property and how often the inspect as well. Finally depending on how they accept rent and pay proceeds they may be pretty busy around the 1st of the month.

I typically spend about 1/2 hour per property per month for book keeping and repair issues.  When units turn over you can plan on 2-8 hours of work depending on whether you plan to do showings or pay a commision to other realtors to show the property.  After I totalled up the amount of time actually spent I decided to get rid of my property manager since they were not really adding that much value for the price that I was paying, in my opinion.

I think it also relates direction to the rental rate of the unit.  My experience is the higher the rent the less time generally needed (less drama)  the lower end the unit the more time (lots of drama).  

It really varies. Sometimes not much. At other times a lot.

When it rains, it pours.

I own 5 houses manage 9 properties. I spend 1 -2 hours a month dealing with the house unless during a turn over. If it during a turn over I spend 5-10 hours on the house, although usually less. My houses often don't come up ever year.

if the tenant is normal, then probably just 1 hour a month per house. On average, 2 -3 repairs per year. So, with repairs, it might take 3-4 hour to schedule repair etc.

Abnormal tenant will take abnormal hours!

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