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Hello for my a property to rent out. When in the rehabbing process, what are some good floor material, material for cabinets, shelves and kitchen applainces etc. My game plan is to have durable material and appliances that is satisying for the average tenant.   Example  carpet or wood floor.   If you have your own idea that think that can help let me know. Im still learning and ready to listen.

@Shepard Solomon  , there have definitely been discussions about this type of thing before.  Try searching "tenant proof" in the search box and I'm sure you'll find some good information.

In my experience, I have always felt that in a rental property you need to make the bathrooms and Kitchen ceramic tile.  We want them to be water proof, and you never know what the tenants are going to do in a shower.  For the main living areas you want to put a solid surface, commercial grad laminate (will run more upfront, but will last through multiple tenants) or if there is hardwood floors there refinish them.  A lot of people say ceramic tile, but if you live close to a beach and you are looking for that kind of feel then I would agree, but the wood/ or laminate floors warm and inviting.  Only place carpet in the bedrooms, this way if you have to replace one room then you can have your Handy man do one room, and nothing needs to be seemed.  

To create dramatic interest in the property I suggest you use a toasted cashew (light tan), and bright white on the walls.  Most rental properties are some sort of off white and look very institutional, and by adding the toasted chasew on the walls, the Bright white trip pops off the wall which creates that dramatic interest.  

In the kitchen, I would suggest you look for Nice clean appliances, we usually use white because if you have to replace one it is very easy to find a white appliance.  Also for countertops we use formica (remember it is a rental property), but you need to use a dark color, if a tenant burns it it is not so noticeable, you can either charge them for the repair, and if it blends in you don't have to change it.  

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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