My Denver Property Rehab Team

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For those who are rehabbing properties in the Denver metro area, I am willing to share my resources if you PM me. I know it's really hard to find a decent team and in doing my last two houses, I have weeded out a number of bad apples. Here are the service providers that I would be confident in sharing with fellow BP members:

  • RE agent
  • electrician
  • plumber/HVAC
  • Tub refinisher
  • Hardwood flooring refinisher
  • Appliances (better prices than Depot plus scratch and dent options!)
  • Flooring source
  • Granite source
  • Window source (can beat Depot prices on larger projects)
  • Screen repair and custom replacement screens
  • Roofer (thanks Anson!)
  • Landscaping
  • Handyman (including electrical and plumbing, licensed)

Again, just PM me if you want to contact info. 

Thanks @Bill Coleman, I'll definitely check in with you when we're ready to start tearing stuff down!

@Bill Coleman   I am definitely interested in your Rehab Team list if you are comfortable sharing it with another Denver investor!  I've been in the biz here for almost 15 years and still have some trouble keeping a good team together!

@Bill Coleman I would love to have you share your list with me.  Thanks!

@Bill Coleman  Hi Bill,

I would love to have your rehab team recommendations. Thanks so much for offering. Very generous of you. Please let me know if I can return the favor some how.  

@Bill Coleman  I echo the sentiments of those above.  I would like to see your list as well and thanks for offering!  It's people such as yourself that make this site so great.  Thanks!

if anyone wants a contact or two or three, just PM me. I don't want to post them publicly especially if they change and I have a bad experience with some of them or I find a better contact over the years. 

For instance I can't recommend my landscaping resource at all. Everyone else I would still use. The tub guy was spectacular!

Thanks for the offer, Bill! 

If anyone has recommendations on a few other contractors, please share/PM. Specifically:landscaper, painter, siding contractor, garage doors, and foundation contractor. I'd appreciate it. Thanks! 

Marked for future reference!

Interested in some of your rehab team I'll PM you. Thanks!

Hi @Bill Coleman thanks for your help!  I've just PM you! THANKS!

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