Looks Like a Good Day for Eviction...

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It's been months since the last one - let's tango :)

Nope - this is the intro.  Posted Pay or Quit.  Looks like we'll go ... there... :)

When it gets to that point, I'm always prepared to fight, but it also gives me a sense of sadness since no one is really going to win.  

Originally posted by @Cal C.:

When it gets to that point, I'm always prepared to fight, but it also gives me a sense of sadness since no one is really going to win.  

 For me it's always a sense of relief once it's actually filed because I know I'm going to be rid of a headache in a few weeks.  

I'm going through this right now (my first one). I'm patiently waiting for my court date on Oct 20. Like @Patrick L.  said, I felt a sense of relief once I had my lawyer file it.

Oh the joys of eviction! The worst part for me is the anxious feeling between not getting the rent on time, knowing you have to file, and up until actually filing. Once it has been filed I am still anxious as I worry about a mix up or a court error or something silly that may happen! Once I get the post card with an assigned docket number I am happy as a clam!!



I don't mess around with these.  Grace period ends at 12 AM on the 5th.  3 Day Pay or Quit goes on the door on the 6th.  I may take the money the first time - I may not.  Life is too short...

Why did we get into this sport?  Is it not to get away from people controlling our circumstance?  Yes, indeed.  My job is to fix **** when you call to tell me it broke.  Your job is to pay the damn rent - period!

I have very low threshold for tolerance around the issue.  I want only those people in my life who add positively to it...

Are you with me, BP?

  1. I am currently in the middle of one now.  The Tenant has agreed to move out by the 30th & We already have a court date for the 20th.   As long as rent is paid till she leaves, water bill & Court costs are paid I will be perfectly happy to let her out of the lease.  She has been paying late for the last 5 months!   Now all I have to do is find a new tenant 60 days before Christmas......   That should be fun.  We shall see. 

Cheers @Ben Leybovich  ...going through my first eviction(s) currently. Oddly enough, 2 of the 4 units on a quad I just bought are both occupied--and both are being evicted. 

We are dancing - I posted a 3-day Notice yesterday, and this morning I get a text from the tenant advising me to save my money on the eviction costs cause I'll have the house back on the 15th...

So, I looked at myself in the mirror and we took a vote - it was unanimous.  My answer:

Legal process for termination of lease requires 30-day notice prior to beginning of rental period, as well as loss of security deposits and liquidated damages, etc.  Pay rent today, or this goes on your record - done!

No response as of yet, and I don't expect one.  This dance will go the distance by the looks of it...

A common ploy to works on landlords looking to save a few bucks.....I'll be out on X date (usually about a week after the 3 day notice expires).   When that day comes along they'll have another story as to why they need a couple more days so their friend can help them move, their new apt to be ready, etc.  Deadbeat tenants know how to stall and attempt to delay an eviction, filing now is the right decision.  

File and smile....

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