Residential Property Management Company in Houston?

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Hey BP,

Can someone recommend a property management company in Houston that deals with singe family homes. I have a SFH property in Cypress area and will be closing on another in Katy at the end of the month.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.



I know a company named Alpha Realtors down in Bellaire area (the international district).  They charge $100/month which is below 1% as commonly quoted here on BP.  However as far as I understand, they only work with landlords who also buy and sell with them, hence the low rate. In fact, I just listed my first rental with them a week. Will see how it goes.

@Austin Lockard   I did some shopping around for a property management company a couple of months back.  What I found was most charged first months rent, and 10% of monthly rent.  To me it was not worth it.  I just put my sign in the front yard and within a couple of days I had 5 or so great suspects to rent my property.  I had the place rented out before the rehab was complete.  If you are dead set on a property management company here are some.  I have never used one so please do your research on them.

Best of luck.

i am having luck with Give them a call.

Give Jerry Ta a shot.  He owns a small firm and provides personal service.  I recently hired him on one house.  Great service and rates.

Tell him I sent you

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