It's the GATE Stupid

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My residents appreciate my passion for landlording. They smile at the thought of being part of a small apartment community. But they go out of their way to tell me they appreciate self-closing, locking gates the most.

Crime is now a non-issue on our block. So I am surprised that my new residents, who don't have a clue about our past struggles, comment on the gates.

I share this to drive home this tip. Even though these gates cost around $2,600, and I didn't want to spend the money, it's has proved to have been money very well spent. 

@Al Williamson  great tip - thanks a lot. A couple questions real quick: 

1) is that $2,600 including the wiring/code box and there are no other costs at all? 

2) do you have a fence around the gate or is it naturally enclosed by buildings, etc.? 

3) what other things need to happen in terms of transitioning residents to using a gate? 

After reading your post I'm considering doing the same thing at an apt community. 

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@joe fairless

1) No wiring. Just two quality self-closing gates, with crash bars, and a Schlage key locks. You'll also need a key-keeper for your postal work and Knoks boxes for police and fire.

2) Naturally enclosed. Walkway is confined by side fence and the complex itself.

3) If there is a criminal element inside your gates, the gates will be ineffective. For gates work, you can not have any bad stuff going on inside your complex.

I wish I had deliberately done some calculations and arrive at the decision upgrade my apartment's control access. I wasn't that smart. I stubbed onto the decision by trying to get in line with fire codes. 

You, on the other hand, would be wise to take action based on my lesson learned.