Cities demand for section 8

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How do you determine whether s particular city and area has demand for section 8 rental? Some cities have very little list for section 8 rent Does this implies the cities have little demand? Tks

You might be able to call the local housing authority for the city in which you are interested. For example, I know the Atlanta Housing Authority is adding 600 regular vouchers, 90 VASH vouchers, and 25 vouchers for foster children aging out of the program. 

Heard is possible to search online about how many people are on the section8 voucher program waiting list  Which website has such info?

Definitely call the local housing authority there- they should be able to tell you more about their participation numbers and also you can let them know if you are a landlord that would like to participate in the program. Most HA's will maintain a list of landlords or communities that they know participate and actively accept sec 8 vouchers, so that they know where they can refer their clients (your future residents) to!

Account Closed There isn't a single website...not an official one anyway.  The Sect 8 program is administered by local Housing Authorities, not the federal government.

As a point of reference, here is the link to the Dallas Housing Authority.  Just Google the Housing Authority for whatever market you are interested in.

How do landlord generally get their section 8 tenant from? Do they get allocated from the authority once they are registered with them or they provide a free advertising platform for landlord to advertise their house and wait for any section 8 renter to contact them?

Didn't they have a waiting list and allocate those applicant to landlord registered with them

Kesgn, you can advertise your property the same way you would advertise to a non-section 8 tenant. If you want to have a higher exposure to applicants with vouchers you can post a free add on   You find your own tenant  You are not allocated tenants or given a list.

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