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I'm trying to compile a list of all reputable places to use when checking a potential tenant out.   

Please let me know who you use and I'll add them to my list. Also please list any problems you've had with any company, or maybe grade them A-F, with "A" being the best.

I use Western Reporting. They have a local office near me. The report is finished in 1-2 hours. Can be run any day except Sunday. Costs are a set up fee of $75, but if you tell them you were referred by someone they will drop that in half.  (I had a friend who told me about them and I just said "friend". They didn't ask her name. She doesn't get any credit or anything). 

For credit report and single state criminal and sex offender record = $25 per person.

For credit report and multi state criminal/sex offender record and eviction records $35 per person.

For all of the above and either a employment or residential verification $40 per person.


I use American Tenant Screening ( For $24.95 I get the Express Package:

One social security search with social trace (addresses), Landlord-Tenant Court Filing/Eviction search, and Multi-State Criminal Database report.

I don't recall what I paid for the set up fee several years ago, but it's now $99. I'm an Express Member which require less documentation and does not need an onsite visit since I don't have access to credit reports or credit scores. 

They have excellent customer service support during business hours

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