Snow Removal and Lawn Service in Buffalo Ny

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Hello BP!! Closing on my first SFR this month in Buffalo super excited about owning it... I'm shopping around for some snow removal and lawn service companies... Wondering if some Buffalo REI have recommendations on who I should use in the local area... The property I'm purchasing is in the university district, close to UB South Campus.

Hello Ramon and congratulations !   Give @Mike Sherwood a ring from C & M Rental, they should have some info to help you.  

Thanks David Niles I will give Michael Sherwood a call!

If this is a rental, talk to your tenant first.  I often use something such as a garage for a "trade".  Initially, I always have a reason that I need the garage (wink, wink), but I am willing to let the tenant rent the garage for $ 25-50/month.  Coincidentally, I also offer to pay them an identical amount to take care of the lawn and snow with their own equipment.  If there isn't a garage, offer a similar trade.

A bit of advice, don't offer reduced rent.  It is tougher to have recourse if they stop maintaining the lawn/snow.  Write 2 agreements, 1 to rent, a separate one for the services.  Also, don't give them equipment.  One, you will have to fix what the abuse/break/steal.  Two, you are potentially liable if they get hurt using your equipment.

@Adam Johnson I like that idea of renting the garage to the tenant... Yes this property will be a rental so I will look into trying this strategy thanks!


I also own some properties in the university area. I currently use Regan Landscaping for lawn care and they do a good job. I know they plow, but I haven't finalized anything with them yet regarding that. I will keep you posted if I find someone else and wind up going with them. 

Do you mind if I ask on what street you are purchasing?

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