Vinyl Plank (Allure) Flooring

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Do they sell the vinyl plank floating flooring in other patterns besides wood pattern?  It would be real nice to have a tile pattern to utilize in my kitchen and bathrooms.  Also, it sounds like the click together type is superior than the adhesive type?  Thanks in advance!

From my understanding, the click together is better but also more expensive.  If you want a tile look in the kitchen, I would just get real tiles.  If you have a Floor and Decor near you, I know they sell granite for less than $2 a square foot which is less than click-together vinyl.  They also have a 0.49/sqft tile that looks kind of like marble.

I also prefer laminate over vinyl because it's 2-4 times cheaper and holds up nearly as well from my experience.  I usually skip the underlayment with laminate and skip the cement board with tile as well for additional savings.

I've installed a "click together" type with wood patern in a kitchen and they are very easy to install.  Although that is the only time (yet) I've installed this, while shopping around for them, I came to realize that there are different qualities in them.  Some are quite sturdy while others are very soft.  I found that on the soft ones, the railing used to click together would break easily so I opted for the more sturdy ones.

As for the stick-on types, I woould be afraid that they would peel off if the floor wasn't clean enough when installing them.  On the other hand, if one does peel off or needs to be replace, the stick-on type would be much easier to replace.  With the click-together ones, you would have to undo the flooring until you reach the one you need to replace.

Considering it is for kitchens... I prefer vinyl tiles like this.  they don't look quite as good but they hold water from my "water accident prone" tenants

Just my thoughts :)

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