tenant not paying. whats next step?

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Last month my tenant paid half the rent with promises to pay me the remaining half in 3 days. He paid another portion, but was still short $50 on total rent.

This month (november) I told him full payment had to be in by the time the bank closed on the 5th. ( my tenants deposit rent in my bank account). He failed to do so, with no response from my text message.

He has been there for 10 months and never had a problem before.

Whats next?

Find out your state's eviction process. The next step would most likely be to go post a notice to pay or quit on the door, then wait the lawful number of days before filing for eviction. However, if you are wanting to try to work it out with the tenant then you may just give them another call or knock on the door. However, I wouldn't let them give you a story. If you don't have it, take the necessary steps. Even if you do choose to work something out, post the notice for a "cya", that way you can file for eviction the minute you get fed up with it.

Yep, just like Luke said... serve the Pay or Quit Notice then decide if you want to work it out. You don't have to follow through but if you want to you'll be in line for the next step. We've even taken the next step and scheduled the eviction court date, you can still change your mind but at least your ducks are in a row.

Go over there and find out what's going on.  Sometimes when people can't pay they get embarrassed and want to hide from the landlord. But that doesn't solve the problem.  Try to be non-confrontational and start a dialogue first.  Once things get out in the open, people feel more relieved.

@Mike Wallace   do you have an update on what happened with this tenant?

I've almost always gotten immediate responses to a Pay or Quit notice, no matter how long the tenant has ignored texts, emails and phone calls. And the excuse for not responding has almost always been that their phone died. 

The notice gets communication going for sure, and as others have said, you can hopefully work it out. 

Generally the clock resets if you accept a partial payment.  So if you're planning on following through with the eviction, don't accept any money from the tenant unless it's the entire amount due plus penalties.

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