When tragedy strikes …you’d better have good tenants

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Call it luck or call it like it is, I chose some darn good tenants. Back story: I’m new to RE investing, single mom doing this by myself and only purchased my first rental home a few short months ago. It took me almost a month to pick the ones I really wanted in there. So far so good.

Until my son woke up with a tumor on his chin. Rushed him to the ER, we got transferred immediately to All Children’s and 2 days later surgery. In those 2 days, the tumor ate his jaw almost completely away. He now has cadaver putty holding his jaw together. We were in the hospital over a week.

Of course this is when something breaks at the rental house.

Long story short, my tenants fixed it themselves, took care of a few other things and put him on their prayer list…very nice.

Lesson learned through all this is I DO need a backup PM for when things like this happens as I cannot be in 2 places at once and my son will always take priority.

Sorry about your son @Amanda Young  . I hope everything will turn out OK for him. Nothing hurts more than something bad happening to your children.

It does sounds like you got yourself some good tenants. Good for you! And as a mother myself...Kudos! Keep it up!!!

I have found that most tenants understand and are willing to be flexible. I manage 9 houses and there have been times when I tell them I won't be able to deal wh it till x. I have found as long as you are up front they will be understanding. So save your money in a pm ;)

So sorry to hear about your son! Good luck

Wow, you've been through a lot, prayers to your son.

You may want to check to see if any of your local real estate groups offer vacation relief for property managing.  My state landlord association does, and seems like that would be perfect for you.

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