Going with different tenant that comes last minute before signed lease.

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If you haven't  signed the lease yet with someone that you were planning to go with, and someone better comes along can you pick them?  

If you offered to rent the unit and the first person accepted your offer, but hasn't met with you yet to sign the lease, give them a chance to complete the process. If you discover disqualifying information about them during your qualification process, then deny them and offer to rent to the second person.

You are in Washington State so you need to know about the Adverse Action Notice, see RCW 19.182.110 and RCW 59.18.257. It is the form required when you reject an applicant tenancy or accept an applicant with additional conditions. The Clark County Rental Association has a good one you could use.


I told them on Tuesday that I needed them to send over their paystubs. She was trying to use ones from her last job and was having a hard time supplying the current pay stubs. 

The second person had looked at the house before the other applicant but had not turned in a application due to a death in the family. This person came back with flying colors and seems like a much better tenant.

Does this still apply to previous statement?

Thank you for your help!

Elliot, did you give the applicant a due date to provide the pay stubs?  If not, I would now say that she has a certain amount of time to provide them (until Monday noon, unless she could get them on the weekend?) or you will move forward with other applicants.  I always make it clear with my applicants that the unit isn't theirs until they sign paperwork, especially if they have info they need to provide.  But I would not pull back a unit I had offered unless something happened on their side (like not providing needed stubs).  In the meantime, you can continue processing the second applications so that if the first flakes out, you are ready to make an offer to them sooner.  If your applicants are paying the screening fees, I wouldn't pull that trigger until the first applicant is out.  If you had not offered the unit, you could accept the stronger applicant, as long as you can defend that you aren't being discriminatory.

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