Avoid confrontations when renting unit(s)

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When I am accepting applications, I  immediately place them in a folder and advise the applicants that I will contact them after the applications have been processed. I don't even glance at their application when accepting them. Applicant often want to know their chances of getting the unit or tell me that they have all the money to move in immediately. I never can offer them an answer. 

BP members, what is the process you take when taking rental applications? 

For one, there's almost always something on the application that I just can't read.  So I always look through the applications to be sure they're legible.

I also look for missing information.  I don't think I've every had a 100% complete application, but if they're left off something essential, say their employer or current landlord, I ask them to add that.

I'm also very up front about my criteria.  On the phone I list the high points of my criteria and ask "will any of that be a problem"?  Then, at the showing, I show them a written list of the details of my criteria.  I have restrictions about felonies, so I also have a document that lists felonies vs. misdemeanors vs. just tickets.  I have applications be concerned that a traffic ticket was a problem (answer - its not.)

In the course of all of this, I have told applicants "sorry, I'm not going to be able to approve your application."

I have my contractors show our properties. For our NJ properties, he will give a blank application to interested tenants and let them know they have to email or fax them to me. No one fills them out on the spot. 

In FL, our contractor there tells the applicant to call me after the viewing if they're interested, and I'll email them the app. We only advertise our properties online, so every applicant has internet access. Since we pay our contractors for their time, I don't want them sitting there while a tenant (or 2) fills out the app. Therefore, no confrontations :)

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