Roommates and multiple applicants

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How do you deal with two (or more) unrelated people who want to apply to rent  a property

together? I live in a military town and there are a lot of single people who want to share a unit together.

They are treated no differently than anyone else. They must each qualify to live there.

@Steve Toth

Hi Steve - I would screen every applicants over 18 to make sure they all have decent credit/background history.  I would also make all the applicants liable for rent so you aren't having to collect individually.

I screen them all together. They have to meet the requirements together and are on one lease. With military tenants I ask for orders and check their orders length with lease length.

Each person 18 years and older get a full background check. Credit, criminal, rental history etc. you can either collect two separate checks one from each occupant or make one in charge. I've seen it done both ways. I have never come across this situation yet so I'm not sure what I would prefer. 

As others have said, you should fully screen each individual to make sure they're both fully qualified tenants.  I would also make it a point to explain to them that each of them is "jointly and severably" liable for the rent (at least that's the language I have in my standard lease).  That means if one roommate does not pay their portion of the rent, the other one can be held responsible for it.  You want to make sure that the roommates trust each other enough not to worry about one of them skipping out on the lease.  

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