Feeling for any landlords from Buffalo!

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I just wanted to say that I'm thinking about any of you out there that are landlords in Buffalo today.  We've had just comparatively little snow in Boise, and I spent this morning shoveling a walk before a new tenant moved in.  I cannot imagine the work involved in Buffalo and surrounding areas right now.  I am not sure how bad it really is, and how much is the media. Regardless, I hope that you are all staying safe and that your rental properties and personal homes are staying dry!  

Thanks for the thoughts I personally have not been affected as much being downtown (manageable) as those just a few miles south (very much not manageable).  Here are a few pics for reference... 

Co-signing on what Jonna Weber said, wishing everyone in the northwestern part of NY, PA, CT etc a break in the storm. Praying for strong roofs and good heating systems especially.  



I second what @Jonna Weber  said!  I get to sit here in warm CA but I own apartments in Buffalo.  Fortunately for me I have no reports of damage, and I'm really glad that I installed a brand new boiler two weeks ago!  Fingers crossed it all holds up, I hope all of my neighbors over there come out OK, too.

I live in one of the hardest hit areas,  we got just over 85" of snow...

We are finally finishing digging out after two full days of plowing, shoveling and snowblowing, not to mention having to shovel off the roofs of our houses, garages etc as many are beginning to collapse due to weight and will get worse now that we are forecast for a thaw and rain which will more then double the snow loads.  

Now that things are starting to settle down, I would suggest any of you out of state owners contact your PM's asap to ask for an assessment and see what they are doing to protect your properties from collapse.  

@David Niles  - wow!! I am so sorry to hear that - it sounds as bad as the media portrayed it.  I cannot fathom 85 inches in one storm. Wishing you and all your neighbors the very best outcome possible.  

I have family that are so glad their house did not close yet and the landlord has to deal with their snow.  If you are up there and have nothing to do we hear they are hiring at the stadium. Looks like the Bills won't be playing if you call what they were doing playing that is....

But wish you all well and be careful shoveling the roof.

We all love these pictures because

a) wow

b) we're glad that isn't us

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