Recommendation for Coin operated washer brands?

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With my municipality's water department giving a huge rebate, I decided that it is time to stop leasing.  However, I can hardly find any reviews on reliability of brands.

If any of you have experience, good or bad, with Speed Queen, Maytag, LG or Whirlpool, please, let me know.

Much appreciated

Jermaine here, I've heard a lot of good about the Speed Queen washer and dryer from talking to my service guy which was after we bought GE washer and dryer set, the only problem we have had with the GE was the lid sensor going bad on the washer which as I was told was because of improper loading by the tenants, a $25.00 part.

I must say that after buying our washer and dryer set this set paid for themselves in seven months, those things are cash cows absolutely love it

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Jermaine here, yes Ian is right and we had one of those countries in the building where we bought it, a 50/50 split we got a check for$45.00 to $65.00 every month, with all the rehab we have to do to the building we never gave it any tough, after our rehab was done we decided to get our own and our take went to $125.00 to$150.00 a month.