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Anyone have a resource for screening a California resident?  I have a potential occupant coming in from California to Idaho and need to screen.  I have used MySmartMove initially and I wanted to see if there is a CA state or local site that I could search and access any further info.  Individual is coming from San Joaquin County.  My past experience has proven that not all things are documented on these national search services.  Idaho has a free repository site that can be accessed.  My similar search for that in CA comes up with fee based services.

Any info/help is appreciated!

I use mr landlord (no affiliation) tenant screening which gives results from two credit reports. Although it is national I have found stuff that tenants would not be expected to write down in the application (parking tickets).  I then know in which jurisdiction to look for more details. You will need to do have the in person checkout of your office, but this is going to get you the best opportunity for detailed information.

The rest is just due diligence - make sure you look up the company they claim to work for and call with that number, verify that the previous landlord owns the property if applicable, etc.

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