I Hope This Isn't Bragging

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I say that because of my previous thread about a tenant giving some homemade fudge with last month's rent.

I was invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with one of my tenants and his family at their apartment. I was deeply moved by such a generous act. I declined as graciously as possible, letting them know how much I truly appreciated their offer. I did have other plans, but would have declined as it would have been inappropriate, and getting too close to a tenant...as a landlord, we need to keep a business relationship with our tenants.
Again, I realize this may sound like bragging, but that is not my intent.
I just want to illustrate that if you screen well, get quality people in your buildings, treat them with respect, make timely repairs, keep your building up, being a landlord can be very rewarding, and I don't mean financially.

God bless all of you this Thanksgiving.


thats awesome.

 Im like you, but I think keeping an arms length is good idea.

I'm in a dicey situation right now with my tenants., I was too nice. And now that we have "issues" I find myself back paddling ;(

I'm the manager of  5 mix used unit, I don't own it. Tenant know that. But expect me to explain to landlord(hubby) about their personal situations bc I understand the situation. I have to becareful what I say bc I don't own it. 

I also own a commercial unit, tenant knows I'm owner. Now that they aren't in a good financial position, it hard on me.

I wish I had kept a more strictly business relationship.

This is all new to me too..much to learn

No, it's not bragging and many of the younger ones are nicer to us old poor landlords, you did the right thing and their offer is a reflection of the good relationship you have with them.

There are different types of friends and being friendly, making friends with tenants is a good thing, so long as the relationship remains business like. And, you need to be able to know who you can be more friendly with so it isn't mistaken for friends being above business. Good for you.

And may you have the richest harvest of blessings as well. :)

We have a new little old lady tenant that complains about being lonely. So she constantly bakes wonderful fattening concoctions that she drops off @ the property I am rehabbing.

Yesterday it was 12 cream puffs stuffed with a brandy flavored custard prior to that it was cakes, soups etc etc. I pass them off to the old guy helping me. 

We have another tenant that always offers me top shelf shots from his full bar in the kitchen but I decline.

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