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We have two newly purchased SFR homes. They are in a blue collar area. Average home price is around the 60k mark in the neighborhood. We keep having people set up times to come see the house then never showing up. My business partner sat through 90 min of traffic this morning for a showing at 8 this morning. He sat around for 45 minutes and never showed. Last Sunday we had an "open house" with numerous people having agreed to come. No one showed. It was raining which probably did not help. Any tips to avoid wasting time? We just rented one of them and now have the other one left to rent.

Only hold showings once or twice a week and make appointments with several potential tenants at the same time.  Always call and confirm before leaving to site.

Have them call you an hour before the appointment to confirm they will be there. If they don't call don't go to the appointment.

@Ryan Dossey  its a pain that people don't bother to call or text when they don't show for whatever reason.  I had about 50% no shows on a recent vacancy I filled.

That's why I always schedule multiple appointments if at all possible.  I always reinforce the idea that they need to call or text if anything changes and they can't make it.  I send text reminders starting about 2 hours before scheduled showings too.

I never call it an open house either.  I think that gives them the idea that you will just be sitting there showing it anyway and it's no big deal if they don't show and don't call.

Otherwise, I always bring my laptop and wifi hotspot and get things done (check out BP) while I'm there at the property.

I use a combination of these strategies.  I schedule multiple appointments on only a couple days and the appointments are staggered by 15 to 30 minutes depending on the property.   I make it clear that the prospect must call me when they are on their way or ~30 minutes before the appointment (or however long it would take me to drive to the property).  If I do not get a call I do not make the drive. 

I only wait ~ 15 minutes after the last appointment.  If the prospect is not there by then or has not called to let me know they will be late I leave.  I have had prospects call when I was only a couple blocks away and I will not go back.  Unless they had a good excuse for not calling before they were late (and they looked like an excellent prospect in all other aspects)  I will not schedule another appointment for them.  

This is an audition, an indication of how well they follow directions and how much courtesy they have.  If they can't get this right I assume that they may have difficulty paying rent on time also and move on to the next prospect.  

Yes, folks need to call me about 30 minutes before the appointment to some property, or enough time for me to get there, if there is no call, I don't go. If they can't follow instructions, I probably don't need them as a tenant or mess with them.

Depends on what it is as to multiple appointments, a tenant is fine. A fix it guy is fine but not for taking bids, say an electrician and a plumber. Buyers, not really and don't make them too close together as you may get into contract and should inform others you are under contract before they travel to meet you, but you can take a back up contract, just let them know so they don't get ticked after showing up. If you have multiple sellers, I like to have all those needed to say yes there at the same time if possible.

As Robert mentioned, take something to do, time management you know! :)

I used to have about a 50% no-show rate.  However, I did what others have mentioned - having them call me back about an hour before to confirm the appointment - and it eliminated the no-shows.  Some people don't call back of course, but then I don't waste my time showing up.  I've found that if they call you back that close to the appointment time, they'll show up.

Once I make the appointment on the phone, I text them to confirm the time in writing. I also text them an hour before to confirm. If no confirmation text comes back - I don't go.    Also - I've gotten much better at pre-qualifying them on the phone.  @Marcia Maynard   has great tips on her podcast about that. 

I'll chime in as well....they have to call my contractor half an hour before they go or he won't be there. I tell them that I pay him for his time, so he won't wait more than 15 minutes unless they call if they're lost or in traffic (after having confirmed already). We've also had people call after the contractor left. They can reschedule another day when there are additional showings. 

If more than one person wants to see a property on the same day, we schedule them all for the same time. Usually there is only one confirmation anyway. And even with all this, sometimes people simply don't show up. 

We had an applicant that was recently approved for our property. We arranged for her to meet our contractor the next day to sign the lease that I'd gone over with her the night before and give him the deposit. She never showed and never called.

I've had lots of no-shows as well.  I do "open house" showings so it helps to have multiple people confirmed.  Factoring in the no-shows means I get at least some people there and the trip isn't wasted.  I've had one instance where 12 people were going to come, then only like 3 showed up.  It was crazy.  It wasn't even raining or anything.

You have been given a lot of good advice on here.  I don't like to setup showings for anyone too far into the future.  I expect my leasing agent to go at the earliest convenient moment for her and the prospect.  Even if that means dropping what she is doing. 

On a rare occasion, I will allow our maintenance team to show a unit if they are close by.  We have given them partial training in this but it is not enough.  Must get the leasing agent there if at all possible.

If they don't show after calling to confirm and spending the time and effort to get there, you just need to let it go.....  It is part of the business. 

Keep that in mind when you buy properties that are an hour away.

Great advice guys and keep it coming! These properties are only about 15 minutes from me however my 8-5 gets in the way of doing showings myself in some cases. 

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Rarely do we have a no show. We only show units after we have done our first step of tenant screening by telephone, with a prequalification interview. We only show units to people who pass our interview and are thus likely to meet our minimum criteria to rent. We will schedule a showing at the next convenient time for us (me, my husband, or both of us) and the prospects. We will show to one or several at a time. 

On the day of the appointment, I will call to confirm the appointment with the prospects. At this time, for safety, I make a record of who I am showing the unit to and at what time. This record is kept on my office desk. When I arrive at the property, I have a camera/phone with me to document things of note or to use in case of emergency. We only show the unit during the daylight hours, unless it can't be avoided. If we show a unit after sunset, there will be two of us there. 

Once we have a decent application turned in and it is in process of being approved, we will hold off on showing the unit to others, but will keep a waiting list of other interested prospects... their name and contact information. We will accept applications in batches, select the most promising, and process only one application at a time. We only keep the application fee for those we have processed. After we have made an offer to rent, the prospect has accepted our offer, we've established a move-in date, and taken a holding deposit (required to hold a unit past 3 days), then we will take down the advertising. We will then call those on the waiting list, thank them for their interest, and let them know the unit is no longer available.

I simply tell them to text or email 1 hour prior or I won't be there.  Its worked for me. 

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