Fixing a Rent Payment Issue

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Hello All,

Currently my new tenant for my SFR is becoming a nuesance.

I have to constantly call her as the 1st comes to an end to "remind" her that rent is due. We initially agreed upon having a direct deposit set up, but I did not put it in the rental agreement (Mistake #1).

I have since informed her that I want a direct deposit set up, and she initially agreed when I met her at the residence. Now, I am getting ready to move out of the area, and she is not answering phone calls, and did not return the direct deposit slip.

Any suggestions on what I can do, and what I should do?

Thank you all in advance.

You will be surprised how fast a tenant shapes up when you send out a legal notice.  And whatever you do in this business, put it in writing and follow up on it. 

It sounds like you have a real "winner" here (sarcasm) and you are about to be a long distance landlord.  (Not good).  

Landlords should never be babysitters.  Our houses are expensive, we invested our life, our blood, family time, not to mention money.  

We are business people and we DO NOT RENT TO CHILDREN but to ADULTS! 

Adults come with the responsibility of paying their rent without a babysitter or a caregiver calling them or knocking on their door to get their rent.

If they are not mature enough to send in their rent on time and you have to chase them, down in order for them to pay their rent then send them that notice.  If they don't straighten up, then file for eviction.

Do not ENABLE your tenants.

File that Notice to Quit ASAP!!! 

Nancy Neville

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