I love property management and I'm not kidding. Who else gets to deal with this in their regular day? Oh BTW is a duck a "pet"?

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Definitely need to move forward on the lease violation and force them to either remove the animals (which won't happen), move out, or be evicted.  If you let someone with that many animals stay the house will become disgusting.  I haven't had any tenants move strange animals in but I did buy a short sale from someone who had a full sized pig (not one of those pot bellied pet pigs) and 2 geese living inside the house along with some more normal animals (a bunch of birds and 3 pit bulls).   It was a mess and a total gut job. 

This tenant has been there a about 5 1/2 years and has already paid for the house and all the money I initially put into it including new carpet and roof. I figure it's probably not going to get much worse than it already it. I usually clean, paint and do all new flooring in my rentals when people move out anyway. If they stay here another few years and buy the house over again I'm alright with them making it a mess and still won't be in a hurry getting it back. I just take it as a lesson learned to created a little bonus on other properties that have animals. If it was like a $200k house I would be more upset, but on a cheap house they already paid for I can't complain too much. 

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