How do I remove this lock?

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Has anyone on this forum seen a lock system like this one?  I am closing on this home in two weeks and this deadbolt is broken (it is locked now and the interior knob does not turn the deadbolt.)  I am trying to determine if anyone knows how to remove this lock.  My fear is that it is a proprietary lock to this door and I would be required to replace the entire door as opposed to simply switching out the lock.  

Any help anyone could provide on how to remove this type of lock would be EXTREMELY appreciated!  



It's a normal 2 lock set up, 1 handle/knob and 1 dead bolt.  It simply has a decorative "cover" that covers both.  I would assume there is a set screw in the rings around the locks, or the ring is threaded and screwed on, on the inside.  It should be obvious how to disassemble them with close examination.

There is either a set screw or pin hole near or below the lever part of the handle so get a small screwdriver or small set of allen wrenches and a paper clip and a 12 in one screw driver and you should be able to take this off pretty easy.  If no hole or set screw, the handle release may be behind the shiny cap in the center of the handle.  They are all generally built the same.

Jermaine here, if all fails do what I did years ago, I would go to home depot or Lowe's and buy the same item, then use the installation direction for removal of old item and installation of new item.

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