Need Illinois Eviction Information

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My friend's mom has lived with a man for 14 years. He has never paid rent, but his Social Security check is direct deposited into her account. He has just about bled her dry, and she wants him out. 

Things escalated last weekend and she was able to get an emergency order of protection this morning, which has not yet been served. 

My friend would like information regarding eviction and the order of protection. If the order of protection is served first, he must vacate the property for 3 weeks. She has heard there is a 5-day eviction that can be had. 

Any information or referrals to attorneys familiar with Will County would be super appreciated! Thanks!

The 5-day notice can only be used in cases of non payment of rent.  Unfortunately, I believe she would probably have to issue a 30-day notice (to terminate the de facto lease) and then it could still take several more weeks if he is determined to drag things out.  In Will County, I use the Law Office of Patrick A. Meszaros for my evictions and I am satisfied with their services.  Total cost with court fees is $511. 

Thanks, Rick.

I posted here, then went and did some research. I do believe you are correct about the 30-day notice, although the order of protection adds a wrinkle. I will recommend that law firm and tell them you sent us.


I hope things can be resolved peacefully 

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