HAP Sec 8 delaying payments for no reason

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I have many sec 8 tenants and this is the first time I have to deal with incompetent HAP from the City of Miami Beach. Tenant moved in October. Due to some internal communication between the case agent and account payables they have not paid me the rent for October yet. They paid November and December already. When I called them to inquiry when will I get paid the overdue payment the person in charge just replied rudely "I  will pay it when I process it". That was 10 days ago and we have not received this payment yet. According to the contract between me and HAP if the delay the payment without reason for more than 2 months they will have to pay late payments. I have sent them email asking them to pay immediately plus late fees or I will have to move on to evicting this tenant due to their organization not being able to pay the rent due for 2 months. What do you suggest me to do in case these government workers still don't care about taking care of this situation promptly?

@Will Wu  I can relate the the hassles of dealing with the government. If you can hold out, then I would suggest waiting. The government may be slow at times, but you can always count on the payday. Maybe you will be able to get your rent, and score on some late payments. 

When I have difficulties with government employees, I head to the office with a box of doughnuts, and that always puts them in a good mood, and gets me the answers I need.

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