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Story Time:  Once upon a time....just kidding.  Anyways, I was driving home tonight after picking up my kids from swimming practice and my phone rang.  Of course I said very professionally, "Thank you for calling Cloud One Properties, this is Troy".  On the other end of the line was one of my tenants asking if I were in her home at all today, as I am scheduling a new dishwasher installation this month.  I informed her that I had not been in the home and that I always schedule an appointment within 24 hours with each tenant prior to entering the property.  She is already aware of this, but wanted to make sure because somebody was in her home and she was a little concerned.  Therefore, as a landlord, I executed my due care process and headed straight to the home.  

After getting all of the facts, I informed her that I would be changing the codes on all of the door locks and asked her to file a police report to have on record.  I use the Schlage electronic door locks and I instantly deleted all existing codes, even the current landlord code.  I then allowed her to pick a new code to be added to each door, as well as a new landlord code.  I had her view what I was doing and use her new code to verify it would work, and had her try her old code verifying that it did not work.  Of course the landlord code was kept private.  Before leaving, I had her sign the work order stating what had been done.  Then I jumped in my vehicle and drove home...hoping it wouldn't ring again, since it was 8:45 PM now and I was sleepy.

Upon getting to my home office, I logged into my cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program and documented everything that transpired, including what was said in the initial call.  Just wanted to share the story for those that are interested in ways to keep yourself protected from lawsuits by providing due care.

Anyone else have a story?

Very good records and attention to detail.  

I am curious at to what the amount of rent this tenant pays for you to have electronic locks on all the doors?  

@Curt Davis  - I purchased the home for 86k and the appraisal was 98k.  The tenant pays $950 per month and the door locks were an investment of $300 all together.  I love being able to add and delete codes on the fly. 

What kind of form do you use to keep records on your properties. Also where can I fine such a form that you are using

Thanks for the share, never used them so its nice to hear about them.

@Markus March  - Are you looking for the form I had her sign, which was one I made in Excel, or are you looking for information on the CRM to track all records?  Happy to share with you!

@Troy Bevans , couldn't help but share your excitement over a good investment in locks paying off in a quick fix. I love it when those things I do make my life much easier. How many properties do you own/manage and what software are you using to log the data? My wife and I are looking to streamline the documentation process and are looking to some sort of cloud service so we can both access it no matter where we are at. 

Also, would you mind sharing the work request form with me too? I've just been manually writing down the requests when tenants call in and placing that in their file. Thanks in advance!

$300 - even for both front and back door locks - is quite expensive.  I pay between $15 to $30 for a set of front/back door locks.  So it's 1/10th the cost of those expensive locks.  

@Taylor McClung  - Absolutely!  I use the Zoho CRM, which I have customized to fit the real estate business model to track everything.  The cost for this is ZERO for up to three accounts.  I have put a Management System in place, which contain all of the company policies, procedures, checklists, and forms.  I will find a copy to share with you!

@Dawn Anastasi  - That is fantastic!  Each individual investor has different reasons for doing things to their properties, even if the cost is higher than what an another investor would consider doing.  It just fit my process model and I was willing to make the investment I guess.  The three hundred investment was for front door, side door, and garage door....but still pricey, I know : )

@Troy Bevans, thank so much! 

@troy bevans  Any way i can get a copy as well 

thanks in advance. 

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