Fox News: Soldier Can't Stay with Wife in Apartment

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If by "99% anti-landlord scary" you mean "well deserved" then I agree.

Landlord is an idiot.

Both the landlord and tenant are at fault. 

Landlord should just put him on lease: gives one more person to go after for money iit goes south. 

Tenant is at fault: Why would you sign a lease not having your husband mentioned as someone allowed to stay more than seven days. 

It's student housing with shared common space, common kitchen and living room in a house with others. Of course all those details were left out of the news report.

the landlord has a responsibility to protect the quiet enjoyment rights of the other tenants. I would imagine that another tenant in the suite informed the landlord of this and is why he took action like his. I find it hard to believe that the landlord just discovered this on his own and desided to make an issue of it. The other residents were probably irritated with trying out do their studies with a newborn there which the landlord can't do anything about. Now with another person being added to residence he has legal ground to take action. I feel bad for the both parties involved but the landlord is right especially given the shared housing situation....

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The landlord made national news today, so I hope she/he enjoys the extra attention. 

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