Maintaining fire & smoke detectors

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On the First of November, a tragic fatal fire occurred in a duplex in Portland, Maine, the city I most recently lived in.  Early that morning a fire broke out and 6 people passed away.  I did not know the individuals myself but they were part of the area restaurant industry and were known by many others.  I have been following the story the past few weeks and wanted to share this most recent article, if the link does not break after posting.  

Summarizing the article, City officials have now cited the property owner for violations at at another apartment buildings he owns and are requiring him to address fire safety concerns there, due to continuous tenant complaints.  There is a grey area because according to local codes, small apartments like this duplex are only required to have "safety inspections" conducted when complaints rise.  I am not quite clear on what this means but due to the fatal fire, the Fire Chief is also walking through inspections with code officials in the owners other properties.  Allegedly there were, and/or are, less than adequate means of egress as well, including boarded up emergency exits.  It seems to me like the owner will be at least financially responsible to the victims families due to his alleged negligence.

As we come to the end of the year, have you taken time to inspect and replace fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?  Do you have multiple emergency exits for your tenants?

Don't let this tragic story happen to you. Save a life! 

Excellent reminder for all, thank you.

I have a contract with a fire protection company to test and maintain detectors, as well as maintain/recharge/replace fire extinguishers.  The discount from my insurance company that my agent was able to swing once I showed him the contract covers almost 2/3rds of the cost.

@Richard C.  That is a great strategy for working on your business, not in it.  Thanks for the response!

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