Renters Purchased Their Own Washer and Dryer

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I'm a brand new landlord, and I recently had some renters move into my property about a week ago. Today, they informed me that they did not like the washer and dryer that are currently in the home and are purchasing their own appliances. They then asked what I would like them to do with the old washer and dryer.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue? I believe the garage to the home is large enough to fit the washer and dryer along with their vehicles, but I'm wondering what the standard protocol is in a situation like this.

Thank you in advance for you advice on this one.

I would just tell them to put them in the garage. You should find out who is hooking up the new ones. If it is not a licensed plumber for example, and the tenants are doing it, I would insists that my plumber take a look and make sure it is done properly.

@Aaron Pratt  

congratulations your tenants just saved you a major pain in the A** by taking you off the hook for the W&D. I would have them put them in the garage until you can come & pick them up to store at your house or your next rental.

James is very Wise!

Unless it's typical to include a washer and dryer in a rental in your area, sell em! I wouldn't consider providing them to a tenant unless you can get more rent $, then it might make sense. Just think, 2 less appliances to fix!

If the washer and dryer are more than a couple years old, I'd sell them like Steve suggests.  You can always pick up another set off of Craig's list when the tenants move out.  If they are newer, I'd store them in the garage or, better yet, off site so they don't get damaged or go missing.

I disagree with most on here on the storage. Is there a basement? Store them in he basement, especially the washer. You don't want the washer outside during the freezing weather. If you brought the washer out in may and it had all summer for it to evaporate all the water inside that would be OK but not right in the beginning of winter. I would personally keep the washer and dryer on site stored for the next tenant unless they were not that great at all hen might as well make $50/unit on craigslist. As far as installation,  check the work and make sure very thing is done correctly. I would also write something up stating that you are giving them permission  install the washer and dryer but also that they are responsible for maintenance and any issues the units cause. Should be a good deal all around.

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