Finding a great tenant that is good for your property

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My wife and I just purchased a duplex and are currently trying to rent out the first floor.  The past owner didn't take great care of it so this property is a work in progress.  The first floor is now clean with fresh paint but lacks some of the amentities that other higher end apartments have such as dishwasher or central air.  Here is my question, I'm asking the same questions of every tenant while not asking any illegal questions and following the fair housing practices.  I've showed the apartment to about 8 people and no one has filled out an application but it has only been a week and this is Christmas.  So far I really like two possible tenants, a women with a child and a younger couple.  Both are quite diverse and I want to know if I can tell them I really like them for and hope they rent my apartment?  Does that make sense?  Please advise how to handle this challenge and Happy Holidays!

@Garth Kukla   Are you running a background check on perspective tenants?  If so, I would avoid trying to sell them on your apartment because what if something comes up on their background and you want to deny their application?  You would have painted yourself in a corner for no reason.

Your unit is what it is.  The tenant is either going to want to rent it or not.  A tenant is not going to move into an apartment they don't like because the landlord is a nice guy.

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