Showing Agents for Rental Properties

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The topic of hiring a showing agent for rentals came up on one of the podcasts and it is something I do not hear talked about a lot in the forums.  

Some basic questions U have regarding this topic:

  • As a rental property owner or property manager how much would you pay an agent per showing to show your rental and save you a lot of time in the process?
  • Is their anyone who has hired a showing agent?  How much did you pay them?  How did it go?
  • Anyone out there work as a showing agent?  How much did you get paid per showing? Was it a good experience.

I am not referring to rental agents, just someone who shows the unit after the potential tenant is pre-screened by the owner.  I look at this as a way for the rental property owner to save a bunch of time and this could work quite well for everyone involved in areas where rentals are in demand.

I don't think I will pay per showing, generally I bundle several prospects on close timeslots so I don't go there every hour. I prefer to have open house and have all of them some within 2-3 hours. Then I prefer to pay the rental agent for his hourly time to be there OR pay him/her 50% of the 1 month rent upon leasing. Since you mentioned it's a high demand rental area, probably paying by the hour is better than 50%.

In high demand rental areas I see 20-30 apps on one house that pour in less than 1 week. I'm sure I don't want to pay per showing bur rather per hour for that person to be there and babysit the property.

1 months rent is the going rate in my area.

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