Junk at Closing?

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I am about to close on a property and went for a final walk through. We found items of furniture, possessions and some assorted junk. Closing is due but I intend to refuse to close until these items are removed. I just wanted to check with BPers, can you think of some other way of solving this problem? I don't want to create difficulties but at the same time I don't want to be taken advantage of nor do I want to have to rent a truck and haul away other people's stuff. I have always had vacant possession when I bought units before. My view is there is no leverage once closing has taken place.

how much do you want the house? Whos stuff is it? You have a couple of options from asking for a discount to telling him you will walk if it's not removed. Just don't do anything you aren't wiling to live with the consequences

@Elizabeth Colegrove i agree be prepared to loose house if you dont close 

i use junk as a discount then pay people to clean them out 

good luck to you@Stephen E.  

@Stephen E.  not sure the location of the property you're looking to buy but I would be concerned as to who belongs to these items. Was the property rented? If so depending upon local landlord-tenant laws you as the new owner might be on the hook to store the items or other local laws. Just a thought. I would want to know where the items came from and is there anything you can get in writing from the seller regarding liability post closing.

I welcome the advice, it is yet another example of why Bigger Pockets is invaluable to landlords.

Well, I stuck to my guns and said we would not close if there was anything left in the property. The seller took this to heart and cleaned the place out. They also took the living room drapes; according to the listing all window coverings were included. Unfortunately the realtor did not stipulate this in the offer and I did not catch it.

But the news is basically good. I have a solid townhouse that sold for $5,000 less than others have in the same development. It needs some paint but I have a contract to get that done within a week. Then I will have some better interior photos on my internet advertising, and things should start to move.

I am willing to tolerate some vacancy in order to get the right tenant at the right rent. Townhouse tenants seem to stick around longer than apartment tenants, so rent discounts given now would hang around for a while. We have rent control in Ontario, so there is no way of getting back to market if you bargain your way downwards.

Thanks to @Elizabeth Colegrove  @Mark Brogan and @JJ Pawlowski for the advice, much appreciated.

Take some photos of it and show it to the sellers and agents at closing.  Sometimes you can get them to write you a check at closing to pay for cleanup.

Also you might want to consider the fact that there might be something of value in the junk.  Ive made money by selling off furniture left behind. I list it on craigslist, and the people buying it hall it away. A win win win situation.

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