Ice machine broke... Should I

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An ice machine broke on one of my refrigerators. (Freezers)

The nice guy in me wants to bring out a repair man. The finance in my wants to
respond, "here are two ice trays".

What would you do?

Fix it. They rented it with the understanding there is an ice maker in the unit. They expect to continue to have an ice maker in the unit. Happy tenants equals good tenants. It really is the small things in life.

@Scott Voytko  It depends on what is stated in your lease. Some landlords do not have any warranties on appliances while others do. You may want to establish a relationship with appliance repair companies for future reference. I've used them in the past and they can save you a lot of time and money should you have any repair issues on your appliances down the road. Hope this helps! 

Unless you have it in your lease that you won't be repairs or doing X. If it was there you need to repair it. So yes you need to repair the ice maker unless you wrote in your lease or told your tenant you wouldn't be. 

There was an ice-maker when they moved in. Fix it,  but make sure to not have an icemaker in another rental,  unless it's high-end. 

Of course before you call someone out make sure yourself it is broken and not a frozen line.  I would not install a fridge with an icemaker in most rentals given that this is sometimes an expensive fix.  There are some places like the beach where we feel we have to have one. I would fix it this time unless the fridge is older. However I would be inclined depending on the age of the fridge to go the route of replacing the fridge with one without an ice maker this time if it is old enough or on the next repair if it is a fairly new fridge.  Whether that is acceptable depends on the level of the rental and your location.  

fix it. Then remove it when they move out, or have your next lease with them exclude that and tell them so. 

fix now. In future include no fridge or one without extra moving parts.

Or include in your lease that appliances are left for tenant convienaence and will not be repaired. Make sure to make that very clear up front so as to not end up in the same situation.

@Scott Voytko  

Fix it.  It's the right thing to do.  If you "cheap" the relationship up, so will they. 

I'm joining the chorus, fix it. But fridges with icemakers are a lousy choice for rentals in the first place. If you inherited it when you bought the property that makes sense but I would never buy a refrigerator with an icemaker expressly for a rental. They are delicate.

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