You want your rent reduced by what?

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Hey everyone. I'll try to shorten this as much as possible. I rent out two bedrooms in my home. When JR moved in he didn't have to share a bathroom and was paying 525/mnth with everything included except gas & electric. I made JR *perfectly aware* there would potentially be a third roommate in the future. 5 months later M moves in. Now he has to share a bathroom. M pays 500 for the smaller bedroom and shared bath. My roommate before them that had JR's room paid 600, M pays 500 for less space. I told him as a mild inconvenience I'll drop his rent to 500 (mistake number 1 as it was nothing in the contract about if/ when someone else moves in) 

He text me later saying he doesn't think 500 is sufficient as that is another person in the space, using hot water, in the living room, using W/D etc (which the living room I furnished and all of that I pay for). He goes on to say his rent should be reduced by at LEAST $75 (see mistake number 1 lol). I told him I don't see your rent dropping to 450 unless nothing is included so you would pay 1/3 cable, internet, water/sewage, etc which would end up being more than 500 anyway. Then I reminded him if he finds it unreasonable the clause in the lease contract states he can terminate the contract as long as 45 day notice is given. We decided we'll talk more once he gets home although I honestly don't see it going anywhere. Opinions? 

Devin Morgan I think you learned quickly from mistake #1 and should stand your ground when JR gets home. Pointing out the termination clause in your lease was good but be prepared to follow through with whatever clause you have for YOU terminating the agreement. JR will likely continue to create static in your living situation and you need to have peace at home.

Best of luck

Devin Morgan 

How much are other room rentals in your area?  Seems like a bad idea to bring up terminating his lease if he is a decent paid up til now boarder.  & from my experience it doesn't seem like a good idea to bring up lease terms.

Not sure how you get paid - but you might just not bring it up til he pays you.  

You need to stick to what you told him with no wavering.  Don't tell him "we'll talk about it" or "I'll think it over".  You set the price and stick to it.  If he leaves, you make adjustments from there.

Now I would change the wording in the lease to state that the tenant has share facilities, etc. so that even if there is only one person there, they know that at any point there could be another person there.


@Pyrrha Rivers I learned quick! I immediately changed the lease for future tenants. He's still in VA visiting right now, but there is nothing to discuss. He can pay it or he can move. Lesson learned!

@Kirk R.   room rates are about the same. For a place like mine between 500-650 depending on the room/house. It's semidetached and I just recently showed him the house I'm attached to is posted for rent for 1450. My house is more recently updated, and has a bonus sunroom on the back so I think 500 is completely, if not too reasonable. I didn't bring up the lease as a threat or anything, pretty much to tell him that if he finds it unreasonable he can move, but I guess it could come off as semi aggressive.

@Thomas Guertin  I updated my sample lease yesterday. He said he wanted to talk more when he got home which I said fine we can. I know one thing though it's not changing. 

Thanks everyone!

I totally agree with @Thomas Guertin  If you let him feel like he can push you around this time, he will just keep doing it. better to cut your losses and start over with your new and improved lease than to have a miserable situation in your home.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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